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We have an A+ rating with the BBB.

They did a thorough overview of our company, Automaters, and decided that we are as credible as we portray ourselves to be. We have an A+ rated track record for client satisfaction, support and happiness!



James was featured in a Forbes article titled "3 Things You Should Automate Now"



James was featured in an MSN article titled "Pioneering Financial Success through Automated Online Businesses"



James was featured in an Entrepreneur article titled "The 3 Telltale Signs That It's Time for You to Automate"



James was featured in a Yahoo Finance article titled "Automaters is Forging the Future for High Performance Agencies: Here’s Why (Hint: It’s Through Automation)" and three Yahoo News articles titled "Automaters Announces Over $9M in Net Commissions Paid Out in The Last Year"' and "Business Consultant James Dhillon Shares the Secret to Growing a Seven-Digit Business" and "Here are the Top Business Leaders You Should Follow in 2020"



James was featured in an Influencive article titled "James Dhillon Explains the Relationship Between Automation and Exponential Growth"



James was featured in a Today article titled "Why Your Family Should Go On More Vacations"



James was featured in a Thrive Global article titled "How We Are Hurting Ourselves By Trying To Be A Jack of All Trades"



James was featured in two Disrupt articles titled "James Dhillon Shares The Four Systems Needed to Run an Automated Agency" and "James Dhillon Listed Amongst 5 Most Successful Business Consultants in the US"



James was featured in a Tech Times article titled "Business Consultant James Dhillon Discusses the Role of Online Business Automation Amidst COVID"



James was featured in an International Business Times article titled "Business Consultant James Dhillon on how creating a successful venture involves impeccable time management"



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To run a successful digital business you need to have all the right systems in place.

Formulated Process

As Jan Wolterman put it, "Everything that happens is the result of a calculated move that leads us to where we are."

We took out all the guesswork and bring to you a complete solution - how's that for making a calculated decision on your part?

Mental Paradigm

Your best thoughts got you where you are today. We don't know you. However, if you're here you are most likely looking for something better. It's time to reprogram your thoughts and start making power moves.

We'll also help you with that mental shift that'll be required.

The Dream Team

Nothing in life should be tackled alone. Not even your business that you believe nobody else can run as good (or better) as you. 

We are here to help you get started the best way possible. Hit the ground running.

Hold My Hand

I'm here for you. We're gonna implement this whole thing into for you and getting you rocking & rolling.

No guess work. No mistakes.

See you inside.
Battle tested and proven results
Is this even real?

I'm so glad you asked... no it's all a mirage, we enjoy wasting money on ads because I enjoy barely being able to afford the payment on my penthouse...

Be smart.

"Why Should I Partner With You?"

We get this question a lot.

It's simple...

- We have the perfect system in place that allows us to build you an Amazon Associates business without complicating it.

- We have helped our clients profit millions of dollars into their bank accounts. We don't share screenshots of wholesale accounts that have $200,000 in revenue but only $5,000 profit. All screenshots show the money that was moved into our clients accounts.

- We know exactly where you're coming from and the struggles you're facing.

- We help people in your situation, on a daily basis.

Why wouldn't you partner with us?

Frequently Asked Q's
Here are the most frequently asked questions you wanna know the answers to.

Answered directly by James - Founder of Automaters

"Who are you?"

James Dhillon.

Founder of Automaters.

And a couple of other companies that do some decent revenue.

I don’t have lots of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Not my style.

My clients and I make $.

That’s all I care about.

"What is Associates Automation?"

Done-For-You Amazon Associates (Amazon Affiliate)

No guesswork.


No filling in the blanks.

No missing pieces.

We build out Amazon Associates businesses for our clients. Amazon Associates is Amazon's affiliate program that allows everyday people like you and me to generate thousands of dollars in commissions weekly simply by creating review videos for products on Amazon.

"What's the catch?"

There's a pretty big one.

In fact, there's 2 of them.

1) This isn't free.

2) The boom is now, you don't really have years or months to make a decision, but the leverage to make commissions lasts forever, OR at least until the world’s biggest e-commerce store - Amazon - gets shuts down.

The catches aren't as bad as you thought, are they?

"Why would you build a competing Amazon Associates business?"

We're not.

There are over 350,000,000,000 (read: 350 million) different products on Amazon.

For us to build competing businesses we would need to enroll well over 4,600,000 (read: 4 million 600 thousand) clients into this model.

That's not possible.

We don't even have a desire to enroll 1,000 people into our model.

We only care about your success.

Trust me, there is no competition.

This model cannot get saturated.

Unlike your typical Amazon FBA business where other sellers can jump on and outrank you or sell for cheaper, so you end up losing out on new customers. This business model flourishes the more people sell on Amazon's platform. It means there's more eyes on your videos, which encapsulates ALL the sellers of a single product and let's you get paid no matter which seller the customer buys from. - This is very important to understand.

Seller A, Seller B, Seller C, Seller D.

Associate 1.

When Seller A makes a sale only they get paid. 

When Seller B makes a sale only they get paid.

And so on.

BUT Associate 1 gets paid a commission regardless if Seller A, B, C or D makes the sale.

Crazy, right?

"How can this make money?"

There's a very simple example here that I love sharing so that future clients, such as yourself, can get an exact view of how the money is made.

This example includes 70 products.

(This is the average amount of videos we record for each client, based on an equal number of products)

It's an extremely low-end example.

So, if you get this excited about this example - imagine where we can go with your business...

We record 70 videos for 70 different products.

Let's say half of the videos fail. They don't get approved. They don't hit the search. They don't appear on Amazon. Any silly reason that's never happened before but just enter it here.

And let's round down.

So we have only 37 videos doing what they're supposed to be doing.

It's never happened, but again, let's just say it did to you.

Now let's say each product makes only $5 per day in revenue/commissions for you.


Did you know that equals $67,525.00 paid out to you every single year going forward?

That's $5,627.08 every single month.

For something we did for you ONE-TIME.

For many of our clients this allows them to quit their day job, retire their spouse, send their kids to college, go on more than 1 vacation every 2 years... just off earning $5 per day on less than 40 videos that they didn't even have to film.

Now what if 45 of the videos hit? - $82,125 per year.

What if all 75 videos hit? - $136,875 per year.

What if you make $10 per day per product? - $273,750 per year.

What if we double the number of products? - $547,500 per year.

That measly $5-$10 per day doesn't look so small now, does it?

Do you see how this adds up really quickly?

There's no profit sharing. There's no fees out to Amazon. The money goes DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

You have seen our clients are making over $10,000, $25,000 and some even over $50,000 per month - now you can see how the numbers add up.

Don't forget - the average consumer just like you and me take no days off from shopping!

This train runs 365 days a year.

"Do I get to see the entire process?"

You get to see everything.

Everything is in your name.

You can access any component of the system and management at anytime.

You don't need our permission.

You can check on things once a week.

Or once an hour.

It's totally up to you.

"Can I see some examples?"

Sure, why not.

Here a few examples for you to view.

These videos collectively are generating amazing amount of commissions.
NOTE: We do not share the latest videos we are publishing. This is to protect the privacy of our clients, and the integrity of the products they are generating commissions from.

"Why is it different than a traditional Amazon Wholesale/Dropshipping business?"

"What do you do for us?"

We build the foundation, with you.

This is when we set up the accounts and get them approved - like clockwork. Almost effortless thanks to our proven formula.

NOTE: Amazon Associates has 2 methods. On your own social media/website, or on-site Amazon.

We only deal with on-site Amazon. This is where the real money gets made and doesn't require you to have your own social media following or professional blog with lots of traffic. 

We do the product research, for you.

This is when we find products that you can profit from, every single time they are sold on the Amazon marketplace.

We do the purchase and recording, for you.

This is when we order a single unit of the product to one of our warehouses. We put it into one of our showcases and record the content for you. We edit the content to make sure it is going to be well received - there is a science behind this - converting potential buyers into actual buyers that get you paid. And then we upload this content to Amazon and make sure it gets approved within a day or two. 

We take care of this for every single product.

With no additional inventory/editing costs to you.

We do the management, for you.

You are completely hands-off. We make sure your business is yours and that it is constantly generating healthy revenue. If there are any errors or problems with Amazon - we deal with them for you. Do keep in mind though that we have never actually run into any problems of this nature but one day we might and it will not be a burden on you.

"What’s included?"

A willable business.

A sellable business.

Look it great-friend-of-mine.

Once you have this thing going, you'll have a real business.

That means you have an asset.

Assets are worth $$$.

That means you have $$$.

Simple to understand, right?

For real though, let's say you get approved to access the Done-For-You system, you're going to get your hands on everything I've been talking about. 

Which is we can breakdown as simple as...

Complete Management of Your Digital Business

"Do I get other tools from you too?"

You can bet your bottom you do.

24/7 Access to our Business Communication tool

Exclusive Invitation to Our Yearly Private Client Event - this is held in one of our warehouses

Unlimited Tech Support

Business Experts

Associates Automation Success Portal + Tutorial + Setup

All Documents for Your Business (Contracts etc.)

Further Assistance

I'm going to personally show you how to become a master business owner + either leave your day job or add another business to your existing portfolio.

"What’s not included?"

A course with prerecorded videos all based on theory.

"What’s the cost (is there funding)?"

OnE mIlLiOn DoLlAz.

Just kidding.

In my opinion, we charge a fair one-time enrolment fee to purchase the system.

We valued the system, in development hours, labour hours and pizza ordered, at approx. $75,000.

You won't pay anywhere near that - trust me.

If you still can't afford it for any reason, don't fret. We have lenders and amazing no-cost-to-apply funding options with low entry barriers and super low interest rates - so you're not left holding the bag for something that doesn't make you money on the first day it's live.

(Ahem, beware of digital businesses with sh*t products.)

*We can get you pre-approved in less than a few hours without a hard credit check.

There's also no commitment to find out if you could be pre-approved.

Your monthly expenses for software will be a fraction of what 1 client pays you monthly.

Think about it like this... if you can put in $1 into this system and get back $2 or $3 or even $8 or $10 - would that be freakin' amazing? FREE MONEY!

It's the MMS - Money Making System - as I like to call it.

If, for any reason, you don't want a scalable system that spits money at you then hit the 'X' on the top left corner (or right).

Stop thinking about the investment fee. You'll spend 10 times more money trying to figure it out yourself, before you even get a handful of videos approved on the Amazon platform.

Is that really what you want?

Do you wanna be stuck working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and losing your sanity?

Do you wanna be stuck connecting all the pieces to the puzzle?

Do you wanna be stuck trying to figure out what the 20~ something pieces are to the puzzle of running a digital business even though everybody keeps lying to you and telling you there are only 3 pieces to that puzzle?

Probably not.

We got you.

"Is there a monthly fee involved?"

No there is not.*

*Starting August 1st all new clients will have a small $50/month cost associated with a 3rd party software we utilize. Existing clients will have this for free on an ongoing basis.

"How long is it for?"

We build the system and manage everything for 18 months.

The business itself and the recordings and revenue and everything else is yours and keeps going forever.

It doesn't stop.

We just stop giving you weekly updates.

When there's a little time left, we will offer you a 6 month extension option.

This includes purchasing new products, recording new material, ongoing management. 

The works.

Same as it was when you first started.

It's not required.

It's not mandatory.

It doesn't change anything in terms of the examples I gave you above.

"Do I need to do anything?"


There's approximately 2 hours of work you need to do before we can start working for you.

Depends how fast you can get it done. 

I'm not going to say what the work is because then people will start copying us. However...

I promise you it's super simple.

The work requires no technical skills.

You only need your computer and internet.

And we even give you step-by-step picture guides on what to do.

AND we give you 7 days, just in case you're busy.

After that, we take over.


Once we hand back your money-making machine, we recommend you spend about an hour a week reviewing your business stats -- aka your profits!

If you don’t want to do that, it’s OK.

It isn't mandatory at all.

It's simply something to get you excited as you go about your day.

And don't forget... your new truly passive income business doesn't take a break. 

4th of July? It's running.

Thanksgiving? It's running.

Christmas Day? It's running.

24/7 365 even when you're laying back and relaxing, it's making you real money that gets deposited directly into your own bank account.

"Is there any business management?"


There is no customer service.

There is no inventory management.

There is no sending products to Amazon, or to customers.

There is no need for a website or any social media profiles.*

There is no need to buy reviews.

There is no need to run ads.

It's truly a super simple business model, when we manage everything for you.

No upkeep of merchant accounts.

No sales tracking during busy holiday seasons to ensure you have enough product to sell.

No dealing with account shutdowns of any kind.

*You don't need a website. There is a social media page you will need that is aged and has thousands of likes, but we will 100% take care of this part of the process for you in record time.

"Will this work for me?"

It's worked for people before you.

It'll work for people after you.

The only different between you and them?

They took action.

It doesn't matter if you're:

Young or old.

Male or female.

A pro or a beginner.

Educated or dropout.

It just works.

The system is proven.

That's all that matters.

"How fast will I see this work for me?"

As fast as you enroll.

"What if it doesn’t work?"

Well, you’d be in extremely poor company.

Hasn’t happened yet.

So, to be transparent, I don’t have an answer.

It’s 99.9% likely that you won’t be the first person this doesn’t work for.

But if it doesn't work, we'll figure it out. 

Don't stress.

"Why can’t I do this myself?"

Why are you still here reading?

"What if I don’t like you?"

This is business.

I'm not your friend.

I'm a service provider that's gonna give you the keys to the kingdom and build you a jaw dropping, money making, champagne popping, fast car driving, large mansion living digital agency.

Hopefully you like (love) me after that.

"How do I get started?"

Wait for us to call you on the exact date/time you chose.

"I still have questions?"


Your Enrollment Director will get you sorted out.

"Last thing James, I swear it! Do you have any proof that this worked for others?

Sure do.

See you on the call, friend.

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