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We have an A+ rating with the BBB.

They did a thorough overview of our company, Automaters, and decided that we are as credible as we portray ourselves to be. We have an A+ rated track record for client satisfaction, support and happiness!



James, and Automaters, received TWO Two-Comma Club Awards from ClickFunnels. A Two-Comma Club Award is earned when the recipient earns at least $1,000,000 revenue in a single sales funnel.

James, and Automaters, earned TWO Awards from scratch in less than 180 days WITH THEIR AGENCY.

Do you see why we say we know what we're talking about? This data cannot be faked



James, CEO and Founder of Automaters, is "Verified" on Facebook. The coveted blue check mark badge appears on his profile. Facebook has determined he is "Authentic, Unique, and Notable."



James was featured in a Forbes article titled "3 Things You Should Automate Now"



James was featured in an Entrepreneur article titled "The 3 Telltale Signs That It's Time for You to Automate"



James was featured in a Yahoo Finance article titled "Automaters is Forging the Future for High Performance Agencies: Here’s Why (Hint: It’s Through Automation)" and two Yahoo News articles titled "Business Consultant James Dhillon Shares the Secret to Growing a Seven-Digit Business" and "Here are the Top Business Leaders You Should Follow in 2020"



James was featured in an Influencive article titled "James Dhillon Explains the Relationship Between Automation and Exponential Growth"



James was featured in a Today article titled "Why Your Family Should Go On More Vacations"



James was featured in a Thrive Global article titled "How We Are Hurting Ourselves By Trying To Be A Jack of All Trades"



James was featured in two Disrupt articles titled "James Dhillon Shares The Four Systems Needed to Run an Automated Agency" and "James Dhillon Listed Amongst 5 Most Successful Business Consultants in the US"



James was featured in a Tech Times article titled "Business Consultant James Dhillon Discusses the Role of Online Business Automation Amidst COVID"



James was featured in an International Business Times article titled "Business Consultant James Dhillon on how creating a successful venture involves impeccable time management"




Now, check out some of the wins!

$3,000/m client...

Big deposits...


Did you know, less than 0.1% of consultants, coaches and self-proclaimed Jedi's, donate to charity?

Well not us. We're not like everyone else.

Every time somebody enrols into a Done-For-You Automated Agency, we set aside a portion of the revenue and donate this to our preferred partner charity - provides clean water and sanitation to millions of people all across the world, and with our help, they can spread their efforts.

We also provide further donations to victims of climate crisis (worldwide), violence and undue care across North America.

We are glad to have you on our team.


Oh, you thought we were done?

Here's some $ proof for ya.

Direct from one of our Stripe accounts.

We don't play games around here.

Automaters FTW (For The Win)!

To run a successful digital business you need to have all the right systems in place.

Formulated Process

As Jan Wolterman put it, "Everything that happens is the result of a calculated move that leads us to where we are."

We took out all the guesswork and bring to you a complete solution - how's that for making a calculated decision on your part?

Mental Paradigm

Your best thoughts got you where you are today. We don't know you. However, if you're here you are most likely looking for something better. It's time to reprogram your thoughts and start making power moves.

We'll also help you with that mental shift that'll be required.

The Dream Team

Nothing in life should be tackled alone. Not even your business that you believe nobody else can run as good (or better) as you. 

We are here to help you get started the best way possible. Hit the ground running.

Hold My Hand

I'm here for you. We're gonna implement this whole thing into for you and getting you rocking & rolling.

No guess work. No mistakes.

See you inside.
Battle tested and proven results
Is this even real?

I'm so glad you asked... no it's all a mirage, we enjoy wasting money on ads because I enjoy barely being able to afford the payment on my penthouse...

Be smart.

"Why Should I Partner With You?"

We get this question a lot.

It's simple...

- We have the perfect system in place that allows us to build you an automated agency without complicating it.

- We have sold millions of $ worth of our products/services. And for our clients with their own products/services.

- We know exactly where you're coming from and the struggles you're facing.

- We help people in your situation, on a daily basis.

Why wouldn't you partner with us?

Frequently Asked Q's
Here are the most frequently asked questions you wanna know the answers to.

Answered directly by James - Founder of Automaters

"Who are you?"

James Dhillon.

Founder of Automaters Agency.

And a couple other companies that do some decent revenue.

I don’t have lots of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Not my style.

My clients and I make $.

That’s all I care about.

"What is Agency Automation?"

Done-For-You Automated Agency

No guesswork.


No filling in the blanks.

No missing pieces.

"Why would you build a competing digital agency?"

We're not.

Our agency does business development.

Your agency will focus on helping businesses generate more income through lead generation, in professional services industries such as solar, mortgage brokers etc.

"Do I get to see the entire process?"

You get to see everything.

Everything is in your name.

You can access any component of the system and management at anytime.

You don't need our permission.

You can check on things once a week.

Or once an hour.

It's totally up to you.

"Why is it different than a traditional Marketing Agency?"

"What do you do for us?"

We build the foundation, with you.

We do the prospecting, for you.

This is how we turn cold leads into warm leads, using our magical marketing methods.

We do the enrollment, for you.

This is how we turn warm leads into paying customers, using our sales agents who only get paid when they close your deals.

We do the fulfillment, for you.

This is how we make sure your customers are happy, using our own agency to generate their leads.

We do the customer care, for you.

This is how we make sure your customers stick around for a long time, using our… well I can’t reveal everything before you join.

"What type of agency is this for?"

If you have 10 clients, 50 clients or 200 clients - Agency Automation will show you things you didn't know.

If you have started and failed at running a digital agency - this will help you start again, with the best foundation in place, that will allow you to succeed this time around.

If you have been stuck trying to land your first client, or handful of clients - this will allow you to make the process turnkey so you can land many more than you thought was possible.

If you have been contemplating the idea of starting a digital agency and don't want to be stuck investing 20-50 hours per week, like what you see all these people saying in all these different Facebook groups - this will allow you to be the owner of a successful digital agency that spends only 5-10 hours per week managing it.

If you do: marketing campaigns, branding campaigns, funnels, chatbots, SEO campaigns, consulting etc - this will allow you to streamline and automate your processes.

Do you see where we are going with this?

It doesn't matter what situation you're currently in with your digital agency, the Agency Automation system is going to transform the way you do business and get you landing clients that stick around for the long-haul.

"What’s included?"

A willable business.

A sellable business.

Look it great-friend-of-mine.

Once you have this thing going, you'll have a real business.

That means you have an asset.

Assets are worth $$$.

That means you have $$$.

Simple to understand, right?

For real though, let's say you get approved to access the Done-For-You system, you're going to get your sexy hands on all of this:

Complete Prospecting System

Complete Enrollment System

Complete Fulfillment System

Complete Post-Fulfilment System

Complete Management of Your Digital Agency

"Do I get other tools from you too?"

You can bet your bottom you do.

24/7 Access to our Business Communication tool

Exclusive Invitation to Our Yearly Private Client Event 

Unlimited Tech Support

Outsourcing Experts

Agency Automation Success Portal + Tutorial + Setup

All Documents for Your Agency (Contracts etc.)

Transition Assistance

I'm going to personally show you how to become a master agency owner + either leave your day job or add another business to your existing portfolio.

"What’s not included?"

A course with prerecorded videos all based on theory.

"What’s the cost (is there funding)?"

OnE mIlLiOn DoLlAz.

Just kidding.

In my opinion, we charge a fair one-time enrolment fee to purchase the system.

We valued the system, in development hours, labour hours and pizza ordered, at approx. $50,000.

You won't pay anywhere near that - trust me.

We can even split it up into affordable payments so you're not left holding the bag for something that doesn't make you money on the first day it's live.

Ahem, beware of digital marketers with sh*t products.

If you still can't afford it for any reason, don't fret. We have lenders and amazing no-cost-to-apply funding options with low entry barriers and super low interest rates.

*We can get you pre-approved in less than a few hours without a hard credit check.

There's also no commitment to find out if you could be pre-approved.

Your monthly expenses for software will be a fraction of what 1 client pays you monthly.

Think about it like this... if you can put in $1 into this system and get back $2 or $3 or even $8 or $10 - would that be freakin' amazing? FREE MONEY HOMIE!

It's the money making system, as I like to call it.

If, for any reason, you don't want a scalable system that spits money at you then hit the 'X' on the top left corner (or right).

Stop thinking about the investment fee. You'll spend 10 times more money trying to figure it out yourself, before you even get a handful of paying clients.

Is that really what you want?

Do you wanna be stuck working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and losing your sanity?

Do you wanna be stuck connecting all the pieces to the puzzle?

Do you wanna be stuck trying to figure out what the 21~ pieces are to the puzzle of running a digital agency even though everybody keeps lying to you and telling you there are only 3 pieces to that puzzle?

Probably not.

We got you.

"Is there a monthly fee involved?"


$200 to $300/month.

This is for tools/software that your agency needs.

You’ll pay the companies directly.

We’ll provide the full list, and setup steps, once you’re enrolled.

"How long is it for?"

We build the system and manage everything for 5 months (150 days).

When there's 30 days left, we start the transition period.

(We still manage it during this 30 days, for a total of 150 days)

This is where we show you how to takeover your agency, from us.

Without any downtime.

Without any prior experience.

Without any learning curve.

Without any special skills required.

*We'll still run everything for 5 months, you don't have to take over from us prior to the 5 month mark.

"Do I need to do anything?"


You need to setup the tools/software as we show you.

It takes about 2-5 hours.

Depends how fast you can get it done.

We give you 7 days, just in case you're busy.

After that, we take over.

Once we hand back your money-making machine, you’ll be investing 5-10 hours per week managing it to make sure all runs smoothly.

If you don’t want to do that, it’s OK.

We can help you find somebody that does that for you.

At that point, you really don’t have to do anything.

And your agency could be turning a very healthy income for you.

"Will this work for me?"

It's worked for people before you.

It'll work for people after you.

The only different between you and them?

They took action.

It doesn't matter if you're:

Young or old.

Male or female.

A pro or n00b.

Educated or dropout.

Black or white.

It just works.

The system is proven.

That's all that matters.

"How fast will I see this work for me?"

As fast as you enroll.

"What if it doesn’t work?"

Well, you’d be in extremely poor company.

Hasn’t happened yet.

So, to be transparent, I don’t have an answer.

It’s 99.9% likely that you won’t be the first person this doesn’t work for.

"Why can’t I do this myself?"

Why are you still here reading?

"What if I don’t like you?"

This is business.

I'm not your friend.

I'm a service provider that's gonna give you the keys to the kingdom and build you a jaw dropping, money making, champagne popping, fast car driving, large mansion living digital agency.

Hopefully you like (love) me after that.

"How do I get started?"

Wait for us to call you on the exact date/time you chose.

"I still have questions?"


See you on the call and we'll show you the pathway to a million dollar digital agency.

*Information can change without notice. Most up to date information will be what is discussed on the call. There are no guarantees or promises in regards to your digital agency. We go by the stats that are available.

"Last thing James, I swear it! Do you have any proof that this worked for others?

Sure do.

See you on the call, friend.

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